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Sourdough Starter - Extremely Active!!

Sourdough Starter - Extremely Active!!

SKU: 364215376135191

Century Old Sourdough Starter. Maintained with high quality unbleached flour and non-chlorinated water. 


I feed my starters daily, using King Arthur's unbleached bread flour and Dasani Bottled water. You will receive 80-85 grams of wet starter and will be able to make bread after 1-2 feedings. After making your first loaf, you can maintain the remaining starter by feeding it and putting it in the refrigerator. You'll only need to feed it once a week with equal parts, weighed in grams, of starter, unbleached flour and non-chlorinated water when you keep it in the refrigerator. 


If you want to bake daily or every couple of days, you can leave your starter on the counter and FEED IT ONCE A DAY. 


Instructions and links to videos for how to make your sourdough bread and maintain your starter will come with your order! I am also available to answer any questions you have a long the way. YOUR success is MY success!


NOTE:  You need to have a 1 quart mason jar, unbleached bread flour, bottled or filtered water and a food scale available when your starter arrives. I use King Arthur's Unbleached Bread flour. Optional items to have are a banneton basket (you can purchase them cheaply on Amazon) and a Cast Iron Dutch Oven with a lid.  You can also bake your bread in any regular bread pan!


This will be the best sourdough bread you’ve ever tasted!


    Due to the nature of sourdough starter, all sales are final and not returnable.


    Orders will be shipped within 1-5 business and will be shipped First Class via U.S.P.S.

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