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Sourdough Starter, Embroidered Tea Towel & Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid SET

Sourdough Starter, Embroidered Tea Towel & Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid SET

This listing is for THREE items: Sourdough Starter, a WIDE Mouth Mason Jar lid to cover your starter when it's rising or resting in the jar and an embroidered Tea Towel to cover your bread with when proofing. 


These WIDE Mouth Mason jar lids with a hole and grommet in it are PERFECT for your Sourdough Starter mason jars while your starter is rising. They're eco-friendly, saving you from using plastic wrap, plastic bags or cloth to cover your jars.  You don't need to use the mason jar band either with the lid. You just set it on the top of your mason jar and it is JUST enough airflow so your starter can breathe while it is rising or resting in your jar.  They are made with Ball wide mouth lids and a silicon grommet. 


The Centuries Old Sourdough starter dates back to San Francisco in the 1870's. Maintained with high quality unbleached bread flour and  non-chlorinated water. I feed my starters daily. You will receive 80 grams of starter and will be able to make bread on the day you receive it, with porch pick-up! If shipping, you will need to feed your starter 1-2 days upon arrival before making bread.


With the remaining starter, after making your first loaf, you can maintain it by putting it in the refrigerator and feeding it once a week with equal parts of starter, unbleached flour and ROOM temperature non-chlorinated water or leave it on the counter and feed it once a day. 

Instructions for how to make your sourdough bread will come with your starter! I will also send links to videos you can watch ahead of time that explain the process for making sourdough bread and maintaining starter.  


The embroidered tea towel is perfect for getting wet and covering your bread during the proofing time. It is made of 100% cotton and measure 27” x 27".  It has an adorable dandelion flowers and leaves design. I embroider these myself so you won't find anything like these in the store.


I am available to answer ANY questions you have throughout your breadmaking process. This will be the best sourdough bread you've ever tasted!

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